About us

A well-known name and an entity in itself, Hitkary stands tall in the market for providing delicious and lip-smacking flavours, and winning hearts across the country. Hitkary provides a wide range of thirst quenchers in the form of Sharbats, Thandai, and more! Available in over 20 flavours, the Hitkary range is enough to attract you to try out our supremely indulgent and exotic flavours like Saffron, Rose, Paan, Badam; besides the traditional yummy ones like Mango, Orange, Lemon, and more. Hitkary takes pride in the fact that its well researched products satiate generations and asks them wanting for more.
Hitkary Honey is collected and sourced from the best of regions in India, which ensures its purity and best of the quality. It completely complies with FSSAI, making it 100% pure without any adulteration.

Relish the Hitkary goodness anytime, anywhere!