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8 Wonderful Sharbat Recipes To Try Out This Summer!

8 Wonderful Sharbat Recipes To Try Out This Summer!

  • May 30, 2022
  • Posted By : Prakher
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Beating the heat is not as simple as you think it might be. There are a few hacks to it with the most important one being hydrating yourself. Water is always an option but why stick to H2O when you have other options on the go? We are talking about wonderful drinks that will keep you not only hydrated but also are available in flavours you like- THE SHARBATS! While you can always just drink it the conventional way, the adventurer in you might want to go for better options.

So here are 8 interesting & fun ways you can include sharbats in your summer delicacies-

1.Mocktails: Sharbats act as the go-to ingredient to provide that much needed flavour to a mocktail in order to pair up with your meal for a heavenly experience. 

2.Milkshakes: All it takes to make a milkshake even more interesting and delightful is the addition of your favourite flavoured sharbat in it!

3.Ice creams: Ice creams are God’s gift to us during summers. Topping it up with the right flavoured sharbat is enough to unleash the true potential of this ‘gift’.

4.Lassi: Blending the sharbat of your liking with the ever refreshing lassi can instantly turn it into something exotic with a rich taste and flavour. Try this and you get the perfect hydrant during summers! 

5.Chuskis: Aah! those prickly summer school days and the reviving taste of chuski. All it will take is to infuse your chuski with the sharbat you love and believe me those memorable days will be back!

6.Kulfis: Kulfis blended with the delectable taste of sharbats is a sight to behold and tasty to the core! So, why wait? Go make one for yourself.

7.Licklollies: Licklollies should be named the favourite pastime while facing the wrath of summer heat. Blending it with sharbat can make it even more irresistible and delicious!

8.Cakes: Yes, it is true! Now flavour your cakes with a sharbat of your liking and witness deliciousness ooze out of it instantly!

Do let us know how you like them and if you have made one of your own! Hitkary sharbat with its 23 tantalizing flavours will make this job a lot easier for you, trust me!

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