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4 Vintage & Regal Sharbats That Are A ‘Must-Try’ This Summer!

4 Vintage & Regal Sharbats That Are A ‘Must-Try’ This Summer!

  • May 30, 2022
  • Posted By : Prakher
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With the month of April setting in, we are all about to see summers at their full glory. However, it doesn’t stop us from celebrating our festivals as there are a few lined up this month. The most prominent one being the beginning of the Ramadan month. For the uninitiated, Muslims all over the world celebrate the month by fasting or observing “Rozeh” from dawn to dusk and offer prayers.

As the sun sets, the devotees break their fast first with water and later on arrange an Iftar party.

From time immemorial, Sharbats have been a part of Muslim households, becoming a constant presence in the Iftar parties and sometimes even replacing water while breaking the fast.

Although the variety of sharbats undergo a change geographically, Rose Sharbats have maintained their popularity all over the country. It is believed that Mughal emperor Babur introduced Rose Sharbats to Iftar parties and since then has become a staple drink.

Keeping the love for Rose sharbats in mind, Hitkary has come up with 4 amazing flavours of rose- Shahi Sharbat Rose, Sharbat-E-Fida, Rose Syrup and Himgiri Sharbat Gulab.

Shahi Sharbat Rose brings out the wholesome flavour of rose petals along with a tinch of silver leaves. It’s not only refreshing but also helps maintain a proper metabolic balance after a long fasting period.

Shahi Sharbat Rose can be served by adding it in iced water or milk. You can also enjoy the summer cooler with club soda and add drops of lemon juice to it. For dessert lovers, we would suggest mixing it with seviyan to make Faloodah and kulfi ice cream. Using it as a topping on mango shakes/juice is highly recommended. It can also be used as a dessert topping for Iftar treats like Muhallebi and jalebis.

Sharbat-E-Fida is for people who like their rose sharbats with the richness and goodness of Kewra, Shankpushp, Khus, Kasni and Anjbar that keeps your body cool. The presence of silver leaves adds to its rich texture. Top jalebis & khajoor with it and witness the magic. One can also savour it with gulkands and as a chuski too!

Rose Syrup brings out the natural taste of the flower that reminds you of the grandness of Nawabs and Badshahs. Indulge in this regal drink by adding it to your sodas, lollies or smoothies.

Himgiri Sharbat Gulab is not just an average rose drink. It churns out the exotic flavour of Gulab and is soothing on your gut. Enjoy this cooler with a part of iced water and beat the heat in style.

Apart from these, we also have other delectable flavours like Khus (Shahi sharbat khus & Khus syrup), Paan, Mango, Zafraan, Thandai and many more!

So, which flavour excites you the most and how would you use it? Do let us know!

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