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Orangy Frenzy

Orange drink is always a first choice of all, making it a perfect drink of summers!
Hitkary Orange Frenzy is an exciting orange fruit concentrate. It is a fruit based, citrus flavoured beverage which is an excellent source of refreshment. It can be enjoyed all year round in the form of ice candies, mocktails, or it can be blended with yogurt and ice-creams to create yummy smoothies and sundaes.
Hitkary Orange Frenzy is not just awesome in taste, but it has amazing benefits too. It fortifies your immune system, improves digestive health, cleanses the skin and improves eyesight. Go grab this refreshing drink now!

Serving Suggestions: Mix one part of Hitkary Orange Frenzy Syrup with four parts of iced water. Stir well and the Zesty Orange Sharbat is ready to be served. Replenish yourself with loads of Vitamin C!

Ingredients: Sugar, Orange juice 25%, Water, Acidity regulator (INS 330, INS 332), Thickener (INS 400), Common salt, Preservative (INS 224) and Synthetic food colours (INS 102, INS 110)

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