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Miracle Pineapple

Hitkary Miracle Pineapple is a luscious cooling and refreshing thirst quencher. It’s a fruit based, tangy, sweet and tropical flavoured beverage which is an excellent source to revitalize on a hot summer day. It can be used as a mocktail, smoothie, ice candy or as a topping on your favourite ice-cream.
Hitkary Miracle Pineapple is a great way of enjoying pineapple even when not in season. It’s a healthy source of vitamins, boosts immunity and is rich in nutrients.
One of the favourite flavours of all time, indeed!

Serving Suggestions: Mix one part of Hitkary Miracle Pineapple Syrup with four parts of iced water or with club soda. Stir well and feel the goodness of Khaas Ananas Sharbat.

Ingredients: Sugar, Pineapple pulp 25%, Water, Acidity regulator (INS 330), Antioxidant (INS 300), Thickener (INS 400), Preservative (INS 224) and Synthetic food colour (INS 102)

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