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Khus Syrup

Khus is a beautifully fragrant cooling herb. These perennial grasses have a lovely woody aroma. It has numerous cooling properties and healing attributes as well. It is an age-old cooling remedy that can help you to battle heat stroke to a significant extent. It is an excellent source of iron, manganese and B6 Vitamins.
Hitkary Khus Syrup is prepared using khus essence. It not only helps in quenching thirst, but also boosts blood circulation, prevents dehydration and is a good source of antioxidants.
A heavenly summer cooler, indeed!

Serving Suggestions: Mix one part of Hitkary Khus Syrup with four parts of iced water or milk. Stir well and the Hara Bhara Sharbat is ready to be served. And when drizzled on desserts, it enhances the flavour.

Ingredients: Sugar, Water, Distillate of Khus 4.6%, Preservative (INS 224), Synthetic Food Colours (INS 102, INS 133), Acidity Regulator (INS 330)

Now also available in squeeze me pack

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