Hitkary a name known well enough to impart a novel touch to the ancient flavours of nature with innovation!

The name Hitkary Pharmacy (India) Private Limited has always stood tall in the market for providing a fine blend of traditional and modern flavours in its products. The products range from Sharbats, Thandai, Honey and more.

Starting way back in the year 1999 as a mere venture, Hitkary has grown on to become one of the most recognisable brands by winning hearts all over the country.

As the most flavoursome and wholesome thirst quenchers available in over 20 flavours, its aroma is enough to attract you to our frutilicious creations and evergreen potions. Packed with the goodness of nature and its natural aroma, are the various supremely indulgent products like Saffron, Rose, Sandal, Paan, Badam, and so much more, for you to relish and cherish.

Over a long period of time, Hitkary has not only been able to garner trust but has also become a household name. It’s been a part of each celebration filled with laughter and banter. Hitkary has left an indelible impression among all generations. It has always strived to celebrate the rich culture and heritage of India by adding a twist of modernism to its wide array of range.

Experience the fine combination of yumminess and goodness in a bottle! Hitkary offers the coolest range you would find and we take pride in the fact that it is enjoyed in various styles across generations.

Words from our Chairman

Experimenting with flavours is how it began, seeing an interest turning into an entity, an entity turning into smiles of the country, this journey has been beautiful.

Selecting the most regal flavours out of the country’s legacy and blending it with a tinge of novelty, sealing it with distinctive quality and packaging it with all the love and sending it across with a promise of serving the generations to come, this is what this journey has been for me.

Words from our Managing Director

Having grown up with trying on a new appetizing flavour each new day was a part of life but today seeing it become my way of life is something I am thankful for.

Carrying forward the legacy of flavours and witnessing the love we have received over the years is what keeps me going with a passion and drive to make the smiles on the faces of the people, our people even wider with our quality, commitment and ever expanding product array.